Dear All,

You’re probably wondering what’s going on, given that you sent in registration packages. Well, since I’m a one-person operation, it is taking a little while to process all the registrations and so forth… I’ve been working to get some help on this to speed things up.

I hope to send out an email to all (using your primary team contact email) by the end of the day.

Start looking out for the next thing, which is a get-together to have some food and drink and meet each other and get an important presentation about production issues from Joe Wallenstein, head of production at SCA. I’m trying to fix a date for an evening late next week. Stay tuned for more!



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I'm a professor in the Physics and Astronomy Department, and the administrator of the Science Film USC blog and the USC Science Film Competiion. Email me at johnson1 [at] usc [dot] edu if you are a USC student wanting to join the list of people looking to start a team to enter the Science Film Competition. You can also post thoughts about film ideas here, and of course you'll get access to the email of other users.
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