Environmental Topics?

Ann Close, Associate Director of the Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies, sent along an enthusiastic email in support of the competition. She said:

if there are any students interested in anything environmental that we can help with, we are more than happy to do so. Additionally, if anyone feels the need to film on Catalina, I’m happy to help coordinate that as well.

So get in touch with her (or I can help put you in touch with her) if your film ideas involve issues that might be connected to the Institute in ways that they can help with (interviews, filming permissions, etc…?). I’ve also asked her to point out this connections site to students connected with Wrigley, so who knows… maybe some team connections could be made there also.


Looking for more Film and Communications Students!

So I’ve been hearing that teams are beginning to form and people are going to take a shot at the prizes! The word is that there are lots of Science and Engineering students out there looking for more students from Cinematic Arts and from Journalism/Communications to connect with to make teams, so spread the word. To see who has signed up so far to find people to make teams (this is not the same as registering for the competition), look at the List of Users page in the sidebar. Read their bios to get a sense of what they are interested in. New people are joining regularly, so come back and check again. You can join the list by emailing me from a usc email address and asking to be connected. If you are signed in, you can see people’s emails and contact them.

Don’t leave it to the last minute to try to find people to brainstorm with and form teams!




The plan is to use this blog (as I did last year) to help students  find each other  to collaborate on making films for the USC Science Film Competition.  Students must form teams of a certain type, as described in the rules listed in the linked site.

When I learn of students looking for other students to form teams, I can (with their permission) add them to a list that all the other students can see and (if on the list) can contact. I can set them up as an author of this blog, and then they can write about themselves, ideas, etc. To be added, you need to contact me (at johnson1 [at] usc [dot] edu) to be added to this community. All USC students are eligible. The list is here.

This worked well last year and I hope it will again this year.

I will also use this blog to report on what’s been going on with setting up the competition, things that have been added…. other news, events… etc.

Maybe even after the competition registration deadline (October 12th 2012) students in the competition can use it to give updates on things they are doing, or even shout out for ideas, advice, suggestions, etc.

Have fun!